Walking around a post-station town with signs of former prosperity ― Vol.2 “Kita-Senju” by Shinobu Machida’s Japan Tour

By tomiyama update

The post-station towns in Gokaidō (Tōkaidō, Nakasendō, Nikkō Kaidō, Ōshū Kaidō, and Kōshu Kaidō) developed from people’s comings and goings over a long period of time. Above all, Edo Shishuku, the four post-station towns, including Naitō Shinjuku, Itabasi-shuku, Shinagawa-shuku, and Senju-shuku, developed as an important base in Edo. This time, we will go to Kita-Senju, which remains the deep color of the old prosperity.