Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa ― Enjoy Spectacular Ocean Views and Beautiful Sunsets

The sweeping ocean view from Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa is spectacular

Awaamatsu is a beachfront town with beautiful sunsets, located on the southern edge of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. It takes about one hour and forty minutes by train from Tokyo station via the Sotobo line. If you use a car, it takes about ninety minutes driving south from the Tokyo Aqua Line to the Boso Sky Line. It is one of the representative sightseeing places on the Boso Peninsula, alongside Kuju-Kurihama and Katsuura. The neighboring station, Awakominato, is the land of Saint Nichiren, the founder of Nichiren-shū who propagated Buddhism in the Kamakura Era.

Tanjoji, the land of Saint Nichiren, and the three miracles

Tanjoji — the land of Saint Nichiren

The land of Saint Nichiren’s birthplace now holds the main temple, called “Tanjoji”, of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. (Tanjo means birth, and Ji means temple.) Niomon (Deva gate) is the oldest building in this temple. It was built in 1703 and is designated as tangible cultural property in this prefecture. According to mythology, when Saint Nichiren was born in 1222, a series of peculiar phenomenon called “Sankizui” happened such as a sudden crystal stream bubbling from a garden, a full of lotus flowers blooming over the sea in a neighbor sand beach, and a troop of red sea bream which normally live in deep ocean appearing on the sea surface. Since then, red sea bream called “Tai no Ura (Cove of red sea bream)” living in a cove have been treated as a prohibition of fishing. The red sea bream was designated as nationally protected species in 1967.

Niomon, the oldest building in Tanjoji

The well bubbling crystal water

The port of Kominato, with Koinura’s tour boat clearing the port.

Kamogawa Sea World, the aquarium where you can touch the sea life

Kamogawa Sea World keeps families busy

Kamogawa Sea World is emblematic of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, which has been known for a long time as a comprehensive ocean leisure facility among the people of Kanto. At Kamogawa Sea World, you can see up close the biology of sea creatures from the waterside or deep in the ocean. Among other things, they regularly have shows with killer whales and dolphins. Marine creatures in the aquarium are popular among children, and the place is busy with families everyday.

You can see marine creatures from all over the world

Get wet wherever you sit at the popular killer whale show

Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa, where families enjoy swimming in the sea

A rocky place where you can gather shellfish

There is a rocky shore for playing right in front of Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa. Walking on the boardwalk will take you to Shirosaki Beach Resort, famous for its white sandy beach. It’s known as one of the most popular hotels for families.

Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa is popular with families for playing on rocky shores and swimming in the sea.

There is a choice of rooms: Japanese and Western style, Japanese-style with an ocean view and the sound of waves, Kids rooms, and modern Japanese rooms. Of these rooms, the Japanese-modern rooms are newly remodeled and recommended with a terrace, two Simmons’ semi-double beds, and Ryukyu (today’s Okinawa) tatami on the floor. The Japanese-Western style rooms on the third floor are also quiet and relaxing.

Two Simmons Semi-double beds in a Modern Japanese room

Ocean view spreading out from the window in the room

Terrace on the first floor

There is an outdoor swimming pool on the premises where a Hawaiian hula event is regularly held. Facing the Pacific Ocean, the hotel has a glorious view of the beautiful sea reflecting the light from both sunrise and sunset.

Outdoor swimming pool with a regularly held Hawaiian hula event

Awakominato Miiri Onsen is a newly renovated modern-style Onsen premised on chic black. There are a variety of baths including a spacious big bath and an open-air bath (Tsubo-Yu). The onsen spring contains sodium-chloride, which is good for healing wounds, sensitivity to cold temperatures, rheumatism, and digestive trouble. Taking a bath with moisturizing action will heal your tired body.

Awakominato Miiri Onsen is good for moisturizing action

Taking an open-air bath (Tsubo-Yu) while listening to the sound of waves and looking up at the stars is the best

Sinks enriched by amenities to entertain women

Baby chairs are also provided in the bath

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage give you relax both physically and mentally

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian oil massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian body massage offered at the hotel to heal shoulder discomfort, leg fatigue, etc. by being massaged while listening to relaxing music. You can also enjoy the newly renovated Karaoke, and enjoy spending time singing songs with the latest Karaoke machines after meals. (prior booking required)

Newly renovated Karaoke room

Buffet dinner at the Marine View restaurant

You can enjoy an ocean view at the Marine View restaurant

Marine View offers a seafood buffet using seasonal ingredients and a view of the ocean while you eat. You can eat as much as you want from the restaurant-recommended seafood and 50 kinds of Japanese and Western hors d’oeuvre. At the live kitchen, you can eat freshly fried Tempura, freshly made sushi, and Teppan-yaki (meat roasted on a hot plate). Furthermore, a special menu with lobster and abalone is also offered.

Seafood buffet dinner

Freshly made sushi at the Live Kitchen

A chef fries tempura in front of you

Mr. Tomoyuki Seino, Assistant Manager of Hotel Green Plaza, talks about the characteristics of Hotel Green Plaza:
“This hotel is a resort hotel with an ocean view, facing the Pacific Ocean. After having fun playing on the rocks and gathering shellfish, crab, etc. by the hotel, you can walk to Shirosaki Beach Resort. Also, there is convenient access to the popular Kamogawa Sea World, which is only 10 minutes from the hotel by car. We receive great reviews of our specialty dishes and homey feeling service at the restaurants in our hotel. Many families visit our hotel on the weekends during summer time, and when summer is over, couples, women groups, and business customers visit more. We also offer free Wi-Fi as part of our services to inbound customers. We have a lot of staff who speak foreign languages in order to please customers from various countries. If you’re in the area, please use our hotel.”

Mr. Tomoyuki Seino, Assistant Manager at Hotel Green Plaza (on the right)

Covering a wide area, Boso Peninsula has a lot of leisure facilities including golf courses, ranch lands, bathing resorts, etc. It’s convenient to get there from the Tokyo area, so why not go on a healing trip with abundant nature this weekend?

@japan introduces Green Plaza Kamogawa, with model Miwa Ripparini as our main reporter.

Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa
3289-2 Amatsu, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture
299-5503, Japan

Tel: +81-570-071-489 (9:30am-21:00)

Kamogawa Sea World
1464-18 Higashimachi, Kamogawa-Shi, Chiba Prefecture
296-0041, Japan

Koinoura’s tour boats

183-8 Minato, Kamogawa-Shi, Chiba Prefecture
299-5501 Japan

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