“Dynamic Tokyo Tour” it is! Enjoy your trip in Tokyo with Hato Bus.

The Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience at Happōen

I was born and raised in Tokyo, but I don’t know much more about it than a well-informed visitor from outside of Tokyo. I never even went to the Tokyo Tower until I received this cover project. I never liked waiting in a long queue, and I discounted it by saying I could go there any time.

Even if you live in Tokyo, it isn’t well known that Tokyo Tower was built as a communication and observation tower 50 years ago, and is the second tallest structure in Japan with a construction cost of 3 billion yen. Like they say, right under your nose. Hato Bus offers you various bus tours to rediscover the parts of Tokyo easily missed on an ordinary day.

Hato Bus, A Powerful Friend for Your Tokyo Tour

Hato Bus, A Powerful Friend for Your Tokyo Tour

Hato Bus is a sightseeing tour company founded in 1948 for the purpose of rebuilding Japan through sightseeing after the postwar reconstruction period. It was originally named New Japan Sightseeing Corporation (now, it’s Hato Bus Co., Ltd).

When you hear Hato Bus, you might think first of the yellow buses with a party of tourists. The lemon yellow color on the bus was adopted because it is visible from a long distance and goes well with the buildings in Tokyo. Hato bus started a chartered bus service for groups in the following year, 1949, then quickly started sightseeing tours for foreign visitors in 1953.

Visitors from Russia

Hato Bus now offers tours with their open double decker buses called “O Sola Mio”, featuring TOMODACHI, an automated tour guide system with 8 supported languages. TOMODACHI is capable of detecting your location by GPS and performing suitable automated guidance for the location in various languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, and French).

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience

Hato Bus regularly holds Tokyo bus tours for Japanese visitors, and foreign language tours for visitors who aren’t from Japan. The Omotenashi Tour (Japanese hospitality tour), Dynamic Tokyo, is a bus tour for foreigners visiting Japan. The tour starts from a bus terminal at Hamamatsu Cho, and passengers will see Tokyo Tower and experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Happōen. The tour also includes a Teppanyaki or Shabu-shabu lunch at Hotel Chinzanso, explores the Imperial Palace, and takes a water bus over the Sumida River (from Hinode pier to Asakusa). Then it visits Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and finally breaks up in Tokyo.

Taking the water bus over the Sumida River

Professional interpreters thoroughly familiar with Japanese history and culture always ride on this tour, so you will enjoy the sightseeing with ease. This tour supports English and Chinese. The supported languages are different depending on the tour, so please check their website before you take a tour.

Harumi Saiki, a bus guide, talks about the bus tours for foreigners:
“I always feel responsibility in this job, because any of the visitors using our bus service may be in Japan for the first time. I may be the first Japanese person to communicate with them. If my manners are poor, their impression about Japan would be bad.”

Harumi Saiki, a bus guide

“If, by taking good care of those visitors, they enjoy the tour from the bottom of their heart, their image of the Japanese would be good in turn. I always keep this in mind and work hard.”

I usually drive a car with my family, so one of the advantages of taking trains or using bus tours is being able to drink alcohol as well. I learned something I didn’t know until I covered this. If you share a ride with other people on a bus for the same purpose, I would say that you will have a global experience.

@japan introduces Dynamic Tokyo, with model Hikari Sakurai as its main reporter.

Hato Bus, Dynamic Tokyo
Fee: 12,000 yen (adult), 8,000 yen (children)
Time: from 9:00 to 17:30
Language guide: English


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