“Smoking Supplies Festival 2016”- Providing Safe Smoker Items

Smoking Supplies festival 2016Smoking Supplies festival 2016

“Smoking Supplies Festival 2016,” was held at Tokyo Skytown Soramachi, 5th floor, in “Japan Experience Zone Space 634”, hosted by the Japan Smoking Articles Corporate Association (JSACA). It’s an annual festival, held in every November, based on JSACA’s basic idea of the enhancement of smoking items and their safety, and the prevention of children playing with fire.

Lighters from the Showa Era to the presentLighters from the Showa Era to the present

Due to the event being held at family-crowded Tokyo Skytree on a weekend, a great deal of thought was put into entertaining families at many points in the event, such as decorating the exterior of a bus with children’s color-by-numbers, offering free lessons for rolling cigarettes, and exhibiting smoking items, including lighters and ashtrays, from the Showa era to the present.

The Future lighterThe Future lighter

JSACA was founded with the purpose of bringing enjoyment and convenience to smoking supplies, by 54 corporations involved with the making, distribution, importation and trade of smoking supplies. It tests injection type gas and disposable lighters for conformation to Japanese Industrial Standards.

Piple TabaccoPiple Tabacco

JSACA executive director Shokazu Nakajima talks about lighter safety.

日本喫煙具協会 中嶋昭和専務理事JSACA executive director Shokazu Nakajima

Five years ago, accidents caused by children playing with lighters occurred frequently. Then the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry played a central part in regulating disposable lighters by enforcing a policy of requiring a mechanism to prevent children from using lighters easily. In the five years since that regulation went into effect we saw good results: accidents have decreased dramatically. We will continue to work on recalling old style lighters and providing heads up and educational campaigns to consumers for the sake of lighter safety.

@japan introduces Smoking Supplies Festival 2016 by Idol Urara Tachibana, who is active in Akihabara.

The Japan Smoking Articles Corporate Association (JSACA)

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