MOS Burger

MOS BurgerMOS Burger

If you want to enjoy some fresh and light tasting burgers, try MOS Burger. Your Mountain Ocean Sun burger, which can be beef, chicken, or soy sauce, will be cooked to order and topped with vegetables hygienically prepared to insure proper taste, relish, and temperature.

First opened in 1972 to produce food catering to the Japanese taste, the chain has grown to 1,400 restaurants, with 8 more outside of Japan, in places such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Find the MOS shop nearest to you by checking their map at (Japanese). Any item can be ordered from their website and delivered to your home.

Teriyaki burgersTeriyaki burger

Be sure to hang on to your burger with the provided sheet of wax paper otherwise you’ll lose your sauce.

Teriyaki burgers are best eaten fresh to enjoy the taste of the sweet soy sauce glaze they’re grilled in.

Kakiage burgerKakiage burger

Kakiage burger – Instead of a bread bun, rice is used between a mixture of vegetable, shrimp, and squid tempura.

If you like tempura, try a Kakiage burger. It’s a mixture of vegetable, shrimp, and squid tempura held together by a rice bun.

Spicy chili dogSpicy chili dog

Spicy chili dog – Juicy sausage topped with the original tomato chili sauce and jalapeno peppers. If you want a less spicy hot dog, a chili dog is also available.

Ask for the chili dog if you want a juicy sausage topped with MOS Burger’s original tomato chili sauce. Tell them to make it spicy for three jalapeno peppers on top.

Nakatsu KaraageNakatsu Karaage

Nakatsu Karaage – There are many chicken farms in Nakatsu-shi Oita prefecture, and the place is famous for deep fried chiken. Please squeeze some lemon juice onto your sandwich before you eat.

If you’re curious about something on the seasonal menu, be sure to order it before it’s gone.

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