Monjya yakiMonjayaki

Tsukishima’s signature dish, Monjayaki, may look a little odd at first, but once you taste it, you’ll like it.

You can only find Monjayaki in certain districts, including Tsukishima, historic districts, and parts of the Kanto region in Japan. Therefore, it is a rare treat even for Japanese people.Monjayaki is mainly flour and soup stock or water, mixed with finely chopped ingredients, which can include beef, pork, shrimp, squid, spicy Pollack roe, cheese, cabbage, chives, or more. It is similar to Okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake, which is popular all over the country. Monjayaki is more watery and less solid than Okonomiyaki, and the way to eat it is different, as well.

Monjayaki is usually served with the uncooked ingredients mixed in a bowl. You cook it yourself on a plate in front of your table. You will use Kote (a kind of spatula) for cooking and eating rather than chopsticks. First, you should scoop the solid ingredients out of the bowl, cook them by themselves a little, and then make a circular bank with them so that you can pour the liquid part into the bank without leaking. It will look a little soggy so it may be hard to tell when the cooking is done.

The texture is sticky, and crispy on the baked parts. Once you try it, you will never stop wanting it.

In Tsukishima, Tokyo, there is a street called “Monjayaki Street” with about 80 Monjayaki restaurants all next to each other.
Please try out Monjayaki.

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