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Karuizawa – Close Up the Fascinating Resort!

Karuizawa is located in the east part of Nagano prefecture, taking about one and a half hours from Tokyo station by Nagano bullet train. It has long had widespread popularity among Japanese people as a summer retreat. As it is in the plateau area, the annual average temperature is around 9 degrees.

Hakone, a misty sightseeing spot to heal the Japanese body and soul

Hakone, a tourist attraction in southeast Kanagawa, is famous for being the last stop on the historic Tokaido road, which ran between Edo and Kyoto in the Edo period. This place has been familiar to the Japanese for many years as a place for hot springs, just 90 minutes from Shinjuku station on the Odakyu line. It appears in a children’s song from the Meiji era, “The mountains of Hakone are the steepest in the world.” In the song they sing of Hakone Hachiri, Hakone’s eight ri. (One ri is 3.9km.)

Know New Things by Learning from the Past! Kamakura, an ancient city

Kamakura - the origin of Japan’s first feudal government
Kamakura is conveniently located by the sea in Kanagawa Prefecture, just a short, 60 minute trip from Tokyo by the JR Yokosuka Line. In keeping with its status as an ancient city, many temples and shrines are gathered in this area. The city is also famous for colorful hydrangea in early summer.

Ōta Open Factory: From Smartphones to Space Rockets, Ōta-ku’s Small Factory Festival

Ōta-ku: one of the foremost factory towns in Japan. “Ōta Open Factory,” an annual winter event for small factories, was held in 2016 on the week of November 26th.

“Smoking Supplies Festival 2016”- Providing Safe Smoker Items

“Smoking Supplies Festival 2016,” was held at Tokyo Skytown Soramachi, 5th floor, in “Japan Experience Zone Space 634”, hosted by the Japan Smoking Articles Corporate Association (JSACA). It’s an annual festival, held in every November, based on JSACA’s basic idea of the enhancement of smoking items and their safety, and the prevention of children playing with fire.

The account maintenance robots are coming

Mizuho Bank, Ltd has offered since July 2015 a concierge service ahead of its time: a robot named Pepper. The pioneer of this service, the Incubation PT digital strategist Mr. Tadahiro Ihara, talked about Mizuho Bank's current efforts using FinTech, a new service integrating financial services and IT. (Listener: @japan chief editor, Takayuki Tomiyama)

Cleanse your body and soul in a public bath. It’s the spirit of Japan.

Sentō (Public bathhouse) are a symbol of the historic districts of Japan. It’s said that public bathhouses began when Buddhist temples, beginning in the Asuka era, would open up their baths to the sick and the poor.

Tokyo Rail Map Apps

Tokyo has the world’s most extensive urban rail network. Its many trains, subways, buses, trams, and monorails are operated by a number of different companies.

How to Buy an IC Public Transportation Card in Japan

It can be very convenient to use the IC card (to pay a ticket fare) when you are going to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto – some large cities in Japan.

How To Use Coin Lockers

There are other ways to keep your luggage downtown in Japan besides in hotels. The solution: Coin-Lockers.Coin - Lockers are roughly divided into two categories: