Hotel Green Plaza Kamogawa ― Enjoy Spectacular Ocean Views and Beautiful Sunsets


Awaamatsu is a beachfront town with beautiful sunsets, located on the southern edge of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. It takes about one hour and forty minutes by train from Tokyo station via the Sotobo line. If you use a car, it takes about ninety minutes driving south from the Tokyo Aqua Line to the Boso Sky Line. It is one of the representative sightseeing places on the Boso Peninsula, alongside Kuju-Kurihama and Katsuura. The neighboring station, Awakominato, is the land of Saint Nichiren, the founder of Nichiren-shū who propagated Buddhism in the Kamakura Era.

Walking around a post-station town with signs of former prosperity ― Vol.2 “Kita-Senju” by Shinobu Machida’s Japan Tour


The post-station towns in Gokaidō (Tōkaidō, Nakasendō, Nikkō Kaidō, Ōshū Kaidō, and Kōshu Kaidō) developed from people’s comings and goings over a long period of time. Above all, Edo Shishuku, the four post-station towns, including Naitō Shinjuku, Itabasi-shuku, Shinagawa-shuku, and Senju-shuku, developed as an important base in Edo. This time, we will go to Kita-Senju, which remains the deep color of the old prosperity.

Karuizawa – Close Up the Fascinating Resort!

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Karuizawa is located in the east part of Nagano prefecture, taking about one and a half hours from Tokyo station by Nagano bullet train. It has long had widespread popularity among Japanese people as a summer retreat. As it is in the plateau area, the annual average temperature is around 9 degrees.

Hotel Green Plaza Hakuba: Directly connected to the Hakuba Cortina ski area. Just 10 seconds from the slopes. All you need is yourself.


It takes less than 4 hours to get from Tokyo to Hakuba in Nagano prefecture. After you exit Route 148 and drive away from the highway, suddenly a vast red roof will appear --- Green Plaza Hakuba. The beautiful shape makes first time visitors feel like they are lost in fairyland. You will instantly fall in love with the Northern European appearance.

Hakone, a misty sightseeing spot to heal the Japanese body and soul

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Hakone, a tourist attraction in southeast Kanagawa, is famous for being the last stop on the historic Tokaido road, which ran between Edo and Kyoto in the Edo period. This place has been familiar to the Japanese for many years as a place for hot springs, just 90 minutes from Shinjuku station on the Odakyu line. It appears in a children’s song from the Meiji era, “The mountains of Hakone are the steepest in the world.” In the song they sing of Hakone Hachiri, Hakone’s eight ri. (One ri is 3.9km.)

Know New Things by Learning from the Past! Kamakura, an ancient city

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Kamakura - the origin of Japan’s first feudal government
Kamakura is conveniently located by the sea in Kanagawa Prefecture, just a short, 60 minute trip from Tokyo by the JR Yokosuka Line. In keeping with its status as an ancient city, many temples and shrines are gathered in this area. The city is also famous for colorful hydrangea in early summer.

“Dynamic Tokyo Tour” it is! Enjoy your trip in Tokyo with Hato Bus.


I was born and raised in Tokyo, but I don’t know much more about it than a well-informed visitor from outside of Tokyo. I never even went to the Tokyo Tower until I received this cover project. I never liked waiting in a long queue, and I discounted it by saying I could go there any time.

Tens of millions of dollars in prizes are won around the world! Tokyo Game Show 2017 booms with eSports.


One of the largest game events worldwide, Tokyo Game Show 2017 was held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. It drew 254,311 visitors (down 16,000 from last year) over the four days from September 21st to September 24th. Under the theme of “Reality Unlocked”, exhibitions showing games for senses other than vision or hearing were highlighted.

Good runners are good at business. Business people train with Imperial Palace running.

Running is quietly becoming popular among business people in Japan. The reason is simple: all you need is yourself and a pair of running shoes, and you can start running anytime and anywhere. Unlike other sports, you don’t need to make a schedule with teammates or prepare special tools. There is no other sport as cost-effective as running, and it also promotes good health.

Ōta Open Factory: From Smartphones to Space Rockets, Ōta-ku’s Small Factory Festival

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Ōta-ku: one of the foremost factory towns in Japan. “Ōta Open Factory,” an annual winter event for small factories, was held in 2016 on the week of November 26th.